September 11, 2017


Copyrighted Content Removal Notice!

We take copyright infringement as a threat to our website

Our website does not host copyrighted material or files. But we do not right to remove or control other website’s data that copyrighted. So, we do not control over the site that linked to us and we give them a link. If you found any object from our site that affects copyrighted act, please contact us. we will take immediate action.

So, we do not

  • host torrent files
  • torrent hash data
  • torrent meta files

our website guarantee you to give 100% unique content.

So, the main problem is we don’t have control over other peoples blog or website. and we do not authorise to do so.

So what we do

  • remove a link from website or blog that don’t follow the copyrighted act
  • remove content or object that publish our website if it was copyrighted



Still, insist on sending us a notice of content removal?

No problem! We provide a service of a copyrighted content removal! This service is for copyright owners or their authorized representatives.

So, if anybody thinks to report on a copyright infringement then he must send us a formal request. And our Copyright Abuse Department will thoroughly review his request.

But the reality is we do not host any copyrighted materials.

It will be ok if you found a copyrighted content on our site. It may not or may be happening.

Required information


  1. Identify yourself
  2. contact information
  3. Identify the copyrighted work
  4. Identify infringing material
  5. Send accurate notice
  6. Make sure your subject will be “Copyrighted Content Removal Request”.

The copyrighted content removal request process

To begin the process you need to check all information and process that is given below. And remember we do not use any Copyrighted Content. So, think carefully before sending us an email.

Again, if you think our content or other materials is under the cophyrighted act. You are welcome and can send us an email.

Our department will properly review your request and will take action.

Identify yourself: you have to identify yourself “who you are”. The only authorized person can send us such an email. We do not review unidentified person review.

  • So you have to prove yourself that owner of a copyrighted work or A person authorized to act on behalf of the owner.

Contact information: you need to submit your real contact info.

  • True name
  • Street address
  • Telephone number


Identify copyrighted work: You need to Identify the copyrighted work so that we can properly review and can take action. If our website copyrighted multiple work or content then send us a list of work.