August 13, 2017


Do I need to fix an appointment to start the service?


No, you do not need. Just download and install the software we provide on your computer and you are good to go.


Do I need any extra equipment or hardware for this service?


No, you do not need any extra equipment. Even you do not need a TV card or descrambler or antenna.


Is this service available in my area?


Yes, we stream over 200+ countries across the globe. If you have a fast internet connection you are good to go.


Can I install your service more than one computer?


Yea, you are legally authorized for 3 of your smart devices. But, you can not redistribute this software to others.


Do you offer the money back guarantee?


Yes, we do! If you ever experience technical difficulties and our support team do not fix it at first contract, we will return your full payment.


You can contact us by email or through live web chat. It will be located in the member’s area.


What kind of support can I expect?


The types of support a customer needed for software installation or solving issues. Our technical team will help you at first contract. You will find most of your answer in FAQ page. But if you don’t you can contact us by email, live chat or by phone.

We will give your answer in record time!


Do you have trail period?

Yes, we have! We offer you 3 day trial period. If you do not satisfies, you can cancel anytime. We will not ask you any single question.

Do you offer 24/7 live support?

Yes, we offer! Our live support team is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 360 a year. Whenever you need support you can contact us.


Can I give feedback to you?

Yes, you can. You can share your experience with others. Share what we offer, what we give you, what you expect and much more. we respect your comments.

What is the most important TV channel I will receive?

You will receive ITV, FOX SPORTS, SKY SPORTS 2, WATCH ESPN, BT sports and much more.

Is my access is limited?

No. you can browsing unlimited amount of time with unlimited channels. No restriction.