Kenya vs Tunisia Rugby – 2018 Rugby Africa Gold Cup

Kenya vs Tunisia Rugby Match summery for Africa Gold Cup

Kenya 67  Tunisia 0

Kenya vs Tunisia Rugby: 67 – 0 in favor of Kenya

67 – 0 in favor of Kenya. But we expected Kenya to win. To be honest, the way the tournaments been going you know the matches they had before Kenya was going to win that match. However, I feel that Kenya could have done better.

There was a lot of unforced errors and lots of handling errors, Bucklin. You can still see that the bucks are still not selling well, I don’t know why the technical bench of connected system playing down kids that number twelve. They should move him to number fifteen in my opinion. I also get the feeling that dumb kids are actually substituted because and you can tell by its plain. Look he’s a finisher is naturally a finisher number fourteen a number fifteen. Therefore they don’t do a lot of passing.

And at number twelve, you have to be a ball distributor, you can’t be going in every time. So I get the feeling that’s the reason why your substitute substituted. So yes, you could have done better.


I think this is a game that Kenya should have raked in a hundred points at the very least not leaking any points. But yes defensively you can see it’s an improvement. In fact, that they did not concede any points and also liked what that the canon team is showing. That they’re proving to be very in this play. Because they have not won they have not played any game this season with are you look at and that’s exactly what happened when they played Tunisia over the weekend.

Which means the I think the biggest issue is conditioning. Like we had mentioned it before they’re scrounging at some point is very powerful. But because of the intensity of these crumbs and their lack of conditioning. You could tell that they weren’t able to match up the kind.