August 13, 2017

Privacy Policy

How our system work on user image

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a statement that outlines how our business will deal with personal information that it collects.


When we collecting personal or sensitive information, we maintain your privacy. it is extremely important for us.


We do follow a customer friendly privacy policy. We do not negotiate with this issue. Your email or other info that you shared with us is secured.


We collect your basic info not all of your private info like date of birth or age. Some website does but we don’t. if we do, we will update our privacy.


We learn how you behave in our site, what do you like or dislike. So, don’t worry. You are safe.


What is Cookie


a cookie is a tiny file dropped by your browser onto your computer’s hard drive. When you visit a site they contain records of your interaction for instance what you clicked on or whether you are signed in to the site.


They don’t collect personal data from your hard drive. They simply carry the data created by your browser. When you enter a web address into your browser a search is made for existing cookies associated with that site, not all cookies hang around forever.


Some are deleted automatically when you close your browser or after a period of inactivity others simply expire and not.


All cookies do the same thing some remember how you like things set on others work out where you are in the world whether you’d like to stay signed in which adverts you’ve seen and which you’ve clicked on and some use your browsing patterns to create an anonymous profile of you when certain cookies or combination of cookies exist on your computer.


Your anonymous profiles put you into an audience segment advertizers use these segments to deliver adverts. they believe would be most relevant to you this is targeted advertizing it doesn’t identify you personally or use personal data to define what you might be interested in it uses the profile created by your cookies.


Without cookies, you’d still see adverts on the internet but they’d be less relevant to you in your search history.

You can see who is dropping third party cookies. You can see what these cookies do and choose the ones you want and which ones you’d like to turn off.


if you want to know what is happening read the privacy policy of our websites to find out. Keep reading…



Use of cookie

We use a cookie to collect your browsing info. We do not collect your personal info and other data unrelated to our side.

So, do not worry. We are much concern about your privacy. We do not use third parties cookie. If it happiness, block it immediately or simply contact us. We will take action on time.

Frankly said, we do collect your browsing history such as a number of pages you visit, spending time on each page, the particular thing you like most, what is your intention to our website.

We collect your info and store it to our hard drive. We use it to serve you better and of course, we use it to improve our website better.

Just like other professional and commercial website does. So do not worry.

 what is an IP address

an IP address like a phone number it is used to contact a specific device on the Internet. now there are two different types of IP addresses used today IP version 4 and IP version 6 ipv6 is expected to be the replacement for IP version 4.

but almost all networks today still use IP version 4 and will for years to come an IP address is a grouping of four numbers between 1 and 2 55 that’s separated by dots each device connected to the internet.


Email Information

Email info means having an email from you and storing or remembering it. We do collect your email info if you subscribe us or log in.

Basically, we listing email from our visitors or from someone who messages us. Our employee collects your email securely, store it to our server.

We do not collect your private info from your email.

How Do We Use the Information That You Provide to Us?

We use your info very wisely and actively. Of course, We do send an email to you to give you our latest updates such as new high voltage match, a new offer or major updates.

We use it under federal law and we ensure your privacy. Your info Is preserve for the commercial purpose not for any other issue. We do not support third parties or do not rent our list to any one.

We collect your email info, your message, your searching info, your intention to our site. our special team analysis it, take the valuable info and use it to improve our site so that we can provide better service for you.

Email Policies

We are pretty concern about your email privacy and keeps it confidential and do not give access to your info. We take it and maintains it under federal law.

So, you do not need to worry about your email privacy. When we sent an email, we make sure to give you with a unsubscribe link. What if you don’t want to receive notification from us. We have a clear policy for removing your email from our list.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

We completely follow CAN-SPAM Act to send you an email. We work under federal law and when your issue is email, we follow completely CAN-SPAM Act.

  1. This website doesn’t use false or misleading header information.
  2. We don’t use deceptive subject lines.
  3. We clearly tell you where we are located.
  4. This website Tell you how to opt out of receiving future email
  5. Honor opt-out requests promptly
  6. Monitor what others are doing on your behalf.

We do not give you any incorrect or false info. So, you can trust us completely and will be happy.

 Use of External Links

We do use external links from various authority sites and not authority sites. We do not guarantee you that all external link will work. If you go to any of outside link, we do not ensure your privacy.

It is not out duty to maintain other site and even is not possible. You accept our privacy and trams when you are on our site.

We do not recommend you to go any of these links. It would be your own risk.

Intellectual Property Rights

All copyrights, trademarks, and patents are protected by Intellectual property rights. You can not use it to your website or anywhere.


You must not:

  • Republish any object from our website.
  • Sell or rent material from our website
  • Reproduce, duplicate, create derivative, copy or otherwise exploit material on our website
  • Redistribute any content.


Acceptable Use:

You may use our info if you use it under federal law. You can use our image if you give credit with a link from your website. But you do not use our article any purpose. It is highly forbidden.

Restricted Access:

You can go anywhere on our website if you are a premium subscriber. But if you are a free subscriber you can not go to login area. Ads free streaming service is also forbidden for free subscribers.

Our 200+ channels also restricted for free subscribers. Only premium subscribers can take live support.

Our restricted access area would change. Location may change but don’t worry if it happens we will give you pin number for accesses.

Use of Testimonials

We use testimonials to prove our customer’s response and spread positivity towards you people. We received testimonials from email. People who have taken our services give us their feedback. In response, we try to solve the issue if needed.

Testimonials are their own experience and thoughts. It does not reflect our overall service. Someone may be happy someone may be not. If someone complains us, we try to solve that immediately.

We do not depend on their comment as comments and thoughts are varies from person to person.

If you have any problem with our testimonials please contact us. We will take it seriously.

Policy Changes

We may change our policy anytime without update anyone. We take all right to changes any objects in our website. if our changes influence our customers, we will notify them.

Don’t worry all policy will change under federal law. And if we change our email policy we will notify you.


If you have any complained to our website, you may contact us. You will find contact info on our contact us page.

Do not forget to email us and please check our FAQ page. Ops! DONT FORGET TO CHECK DMCA.