Rugby World Cup 2019- journey to Japan

Rugby World Cup 2019 Comming Soon!

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The beginning of the Rugby World Cup 2019 journey for the teams and fans should be hosted in Japan. At the first Rugby World Cup in Asia Japan, 2019 is a shining example of new beginnings ambitions and opportunities.  It represents an exciting opportunity for rugby to reach and inspire new audiences to get into rugby both Japan and across Asia.


Japan’s brave blossoms were the stars of a very special Rugby World Cup in 2015.

They captured the hearts and minds of the Japanese public as well as fans across the globe.  They proved that anything is possible through discipline solidarity and teamwork. It is with these values to them for that Japan prepares to host.


What promises to be a groundbreaking Rugby World Cup in 2019 through a family of 12 outstanding and dedicated host cities the length and breadth of the nation. Japan 2019 will be a celebrated of rugby and friendship that is felt throughout this great country. Everyone is invited to play their part.


I have no doubt that Japan 2019 will ignite a deep love for rugby here that the Japanese people and cities will be outstanding hosts showcasing the very best of this wonderful country. Its culture and warmth today marks a special milestone on the road to Rugby World Cup 2019.


It is a moment when the tournament comes alive for expectant players fans around the world. The moment when we discover the composition of the pools. This tournament will have the teams and fans at its heart there will be unforgettable moments.


New friendships will be made and I’m sure that Japan 2019 will be remembered. It’s a very special and groundbreaking moment for rugby arigato.


let’s take a look at what Rugby World Cup is all about sacrilege of the world.

Rugby World Cup 2019 election campaign


let’s have a quick look of that qualification system Europe 1, Americas 1 and Americas – Oceania 1 and

Oceania 2 and Africa 1 the final two teams will be the playoff winner between Europe 2 and Oceania 3 and the repechage winner a tournament featuring a team from the Americas, Africa, the Asia

Oceania playoff winner and the playoff loser by the end of 2018 the qualification process will be complete and will know all 20 teams for Rugby World Cup 2019.


So, over the past few months, you may have noticed an increased focus on the world rugby rankings by teams the media and the fans and that is because the world rankings are at the heart of the banding process for the twelve qualified teams.


The higher the ranking the better the draw or at least that is the philosophy.

So, let’s now view the world rugby rankings

As of today May the 10th we will pick out the former champions and the hosts obviously in at number one. The reigning holders New Zealand 2003 winners, England are in second twice champions, Australia in third twice winners, South Africa in seventh and hosts Japan currently sitting in eleventh now based on these rankings.


The 12 direct qualifiers are allocated into the following bands for a random draw into their pools let’s take you through them in pool one. We have New Zealand England Australia and Ireland in bad.


We have Scotland France South Africa and Wales in band 3 we have Argentina Japan Georgia and Italy the qualifiers have been placed into bands four and five based on the regional qualification process band 4 consists of Oceania 1 America’s 1 Europe 1 and Africa 1 and band 5 consists of Oceania two Americas two playoff winner between Oceania 3 and Europe – and the winner of the repechage