Rugby World Cup Predictions 2019 – RWC 2019

Which team would win RWC 2019? Is it too early to predict who’s gonna win? To know more read Rugby World Cup Predictions 2019.


As you guys could see in the polls that have just brought up now. Ireland and Scotland are in pool A, obviously with Japan. Now I’m just gonna do the top two of who I think is gonna go through in each pool and then head on to the quarterfinals. So pool an Ireland and Scotland definitely all my picks to go through.


Pool B, New Zealand, South Africa. It’s not really much of a threat there with Italy there. No offense to the Italians but definitely New Zealand, South Africa clear.

Pool C, definitely is actually a tough one because you have England, France, Argentina. Now Argentina obviously we saw in the rugby championship had a little bit of a rough time and they won’t do the best of their ability and to me they have so much more to offer.

The problem I’ve seen with a lot of the Argentines supporters and people said they need a new coach. If they get a new coach, then maybe this whole process will be sorted out and that they can move forward and develop. It’s still two years to go. So who knows we could actually have quite a man our sentence team on our hands but for me at this stage of predicting now today I’m gonna go England and France to leave the first and second on pool c and then pull deed argentine and wales definitely for me a no-brainer that one and I think that’s going to be that for the pool stage.

So let’s get on to semi-finals.

You as you saw predict the semi-final England versus Wales, Wallabies versus France, South Africa Vs Island and New Zealand Vs Scotland. South Africa Vs Ireland is really going to be one heck of a game probably for me the toughest prediction in the quarterfinals. I do think this was going to be a tough one definitely for predictor and we like to predict sport and the rugby world cup games. This games obviously being played in two weeks time for next week actually.

So it will be definitely easier to talk about it from an extras point of view. Both you know both teams are still in the game long way to go. It’s South Africa keep playing the way they like their plan against the all blacks then we’re going to continue to see an improvement which is good but if they go back to where they will win that got smashed 57. No! Then we got a problem then South Africa back to square one.

So for me South Africa, Island. I am going to go with my heart obviously and South Africa will be to Ireland in that quarter-final of the rugby world cup. New Zealand Vs Scotland pretty much a no-brainer. I am part Scottish. My dad was born there but for me, New Zealand will win that one in Scotland.

The gang long way to go maybe they can improve and cause an upset. Remember Japan and Springboks but for me or blacks definitely in that I’m quarterfinal when England Wales could be a very very good game but for me England artists in quite a space at the moment that got a good team, great coach and are developing and growing and as the years continued leading up towards 2019 rugby world cup.

I definitely see England growing and progressing and getting stronger and stronger and they fall England vs. Wales. I am going for England. I reckon they’re gonna definitely beat Wales.

Wallabies France another good game. This walk is going to be definitely gonna be a good fight. But if I look at our Australian team growing and developing. They had a rough start to the year the provincial obviously super happy but pop better and better as we saw them in the rugby championship. And it would be interesting to see they met their end of your tour as I got quite a bit ahead of him. But for me Australia.

I’m gonna continue to develop and get better and I see them beating France of going into the semi-finals.

So if we look at the semi-final, we’ve got South Africa versus all blacks. Again and this is just going bad based on the lock and the pools that I’ve worked out of who’s gonna play who. So technically if a guy the way I’m saying this will be the semifinals of springboks. This is all black the game and we got England and the Wallabies pretty much exciting semi-finals.

This will be if it could if it happens the way I’m saying anything can happen in the world of sport but for me Springboks versus All Blacks, it’s gonna be just like the previous world cup. It’s going to be tight and close but sadly no South African fans but New Zealand will walk away with that one it definitely was the way they rugby teams great they are also young developing growing and I definitely see them beating the springbok.

So New Zealand heading to the final for me of 2019 rugby world cup.

England Australia also the same thing growing developing team getting better and better but again England just in the right frame of rugby and they to me are going to beat the Wallabies and heading to the rugby world cup final of 2019.

And that brings us to the final probably everyone is hoping for if you’re a bit was a respective person of rugby. Because of its two phenomenal teams. It’s two teams everyone keeps talking about. Everyone wants to see these two teams playing and that’s England this is New Zealand. It’s gonna be a world cup final of xis rugby world cup history at this title because both teams are great.