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In minutes 24 SA and AUS both scored 3, but in minutes 26 the scores go to Aus 3 AS 10. So, we saw a significant difference between two teams. before finished 24 minutes, both teams had shown a huge competition. but when the time was reaching to 27 Aus made a breakthrough with 5 points. before 46 minutes the score was stood 13;10. Aus made progress against SA. And when the time was 46 minute the score was 18:10 ! In 58 min the score was 20:13. in 80 the score was 23:23. amazing right. of course, it was.


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South Africa vs Australia rugby  

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In total 83 rugby matches played between South Africa and Australia and South Africa has won 46 matches which is a better than 57% winning record against Australia. Aus won 36 rugby matches against SA with 1 drawn.

When we look at the point table we notice a significant points difference between SA vs Aus rugby matches. Stronger South Africa has 1607 points in total, at the same time Australia holds 1448 points.

Back in 1933 to 1971 SA rugby teams have total dominance over Australia but seen get changed after 1971. Australia rugby team continue building a strong team. As a result, we can enjoy a super competitive South Africa vs Australia Rugby live stream.