August 10, 2017

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Super Rugby Live Streaming is the most exciting sporting leagues administered by SANZAAR among all rugby competition. A brand new season brings more attractions, more fans, more audience, more legends and more excitement. Because we have made it possible for them to watch super rugby live streaming HD free with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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New super rugby format:

As a rugby lover you may ask yourself ‘’how much do I know about all of this?’’. will it be an improvement?

So, what is the proposed new format?

Super 15 Rugby currently has 15 teams divided across three conferences. And the proposal is to expand the competition to include three more teams. a sec South African team and Argentinian team and an Asian team.

Here’s how the proposal works?

There will now be two groups Africa and Australasia. and Each group there will be two conferences. Four teams in the South African conference, five in the Australian Conference and five in the New Zealand conference.

Therefore, to fill these groups all three new teams will be added to the African group. teams will play six matches within their own conference for matches against the other conference from the same group. And five matches against the other group that’s pretty complicated. Hm!

Yep, it is!

To decide the eight teams that qualify for the playoffs, we take the four conference winners. then we will look at a combined Australasia table to pick three wild cut spots.

Then one more wild card team will come from the combined African table, the seeding of the playoffs will then be decided based on a combined overall table. Which for the record is the seventh table required to work all of this out so?

How will fans react to this?

Fans can follow the progress of their team through one of the three respective conference tables. they can also see how their team is progressing in the race for one of six final spots via the overall competition table.

There are two ways of reaching the finals topping the conference offers a guaranteed ticket to the finals..